Valentine’s Day Messages: Valentine’s Day is an occasion celebrated by many people in all parts of the world on 14-February of each year, and it’s becoming a traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending valentine’s messages, cards or giving flowers or candy to their loved ones.❤️

With these collection of messages, anyone’s valentine’s day can be made better. In this article I will give you a big pack of love wishes, messages and cards for valentine’s day that will make your loved one crazy about you.


❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day to the most special woman in my life.
❤️ You’re my everything to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful.
❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day to the most handsome man I know.
❤️ Sweetheart, you take my breath away. Always.
❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day to the most important man in my life.
❤️ We began as strangers. We became friends. We became one with each other… We remain as one forever. We’re two parts of a loving whole Two hearts, and a single soul Roses are red, violets are blue I made this card just for you It’s not the neatest, it wouldn’t pass a test But it’s made with love–that makes it the best
❤️ Every day is Valentine’s Day when I am with you. Every day away from you tests my soul and spirit. My only wish today is for us to be together until the end of time. Happy Hearts’ Day to you, my love.
❤️ Ever since we met, I’ve been telling you every single day that I love you; today, it’s a chance for me to show it as well. Happy Valentine’s day!
❤️ It never fails. You smile, and the sun comes out. This is why I come to you in my moments of joy and sorrow. You are one amazing person, and I am so lucky to be your Valentine forever.


❤️ I love you more than you’ll ever know. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peel-ing. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ I really don’t know what I’d do without you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ And I am the luckiest to have you in my life! Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!
❤️ You are unique. You are caring and. You are the Best. I love you!
❤️ Love is a strange creature. It goads, and it inspires. It is painful yet so sweet. Love is you and me living our lives together. Happy Valentine’s Day to us.
❤️ Darling, my love for you is as deep as the sea and high as the sky. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Roses are red, and violets are blue; I’ve never been more in love with you! Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear!
❤️ When I look at you, I’m amazed by your beauty, both outside and the inside. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ You make the abnormal seem normal, and the normal seem fun. You truly make everything around you better; this is why I love you. Happy Valentine’s day!


❤️ I can’t imagine a single day of the past year without you, friend. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ To my best friend on Valentine’s Day: You’ve made me a better, happier person simply by being yourself. Thank you!
❤️ Wishing you a beautiful, love-filled day.
❤️ I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with the sort of love, friendship, and joy you bring to my life every day.
❤️ I can’t think of anyone with whom I’d rather be sharing this Valentine’s Day, friend. Here’s to you!
❤️ Here’s to another year with a friend like you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ I love you, friend! Thanks for making every single day so special.
❤️ Thanks for being my best friend and my partner in crime. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Thanks for always being there, best friend. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day
❤️ Wishing a very happy Valentine’s Day to the person who always has my back.


❤️ I love all the adventures we have together. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ You take my breath away. Always. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Has it really been so long? I’d do it all over in a heartbeat. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ You are my Valentine every day, in every way. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ You are my best friend, my partner, and my soul mate. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ I’m yours forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ I love that we’ve never lost the magic that makes us us. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ I love all the things we are together. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ I’m so lucky to be in love with my best friend. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Wishing the sweetest, happiest day to my forever Valentine.


❤️ On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I pray that you find your love on this day to make it a special one in every sense. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ I never knew love could be so beautiful until I met you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Everything about you makes me smile like a stupid and I really don’t mind being your stupid. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Being with you, the world seems so beautiful to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Every moment I have spent with you has been special. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ The smallest thing that we can do for someone on Valentine’s Day is to make him feel that he is loved. Happy Valentine’s Day.
❤️ May you feel the warmth of love and a bunch of appreciation on Valentine’s day, because you deserve it!
❤️ Sending my warm wishes to my lovely friend. Wish you a lifetime of happiness and everlasting love. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ The best thing I found in life this year is the love of you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Thank you for being the reason I look forward to every day. Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ Being us is the best thing I’ll ever be. Happy Valentine’s Day!








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